iStock | April 2015 Contributor Newsletter

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iStock | April 2015 Contributor Newsletter

15 Years of iStock

It’s the 15 year anniversary of iStock this month. We’ve got a message from Braddy (Senior Director, Content Development / Co-Founder iStockphoto) as well as a quick video from Derek Snyder (Sr. Director, Product and Ecommerce) that is directed toward our Exclusive contributors but we think the message should resonate with non-exclusives as well. The video highlights significant changes we made to our business over the course of 2014 and early 2015, with a hint of what is to come later this year. 

Come join the discussion. 

Asset Detail Page – April 2015

We continue to slowly release the Asset Detail Page (ADP) to a larger segment of the community. We hoped to have the new ADP live for the entire community this month but we want to ensure we have everything working as intended before we crank the dial to 100%. 

There are a number of features that are currently present on the new ADP that aren’t entirely optimized at this point. Please be assured we will have more time to fine tune the Similars carousel in the ensuing weeks. We also mentioned previously that there will be additional merchandising opportunities in the future. This is still the case, but we will get everything dialled up and operational at 100% before we make any enhancements to the new ADP. 

We do have one change to the new ADP that we would like to share. We will be re-introducing file size options to the ADP. Customers will now be able to select the sizes they prefer. This should already be live on the new ADP. Hoorah! 

Please take another look through the Asset Detail Page preview article so you can aquaint yourself with the changes. 

New Search Results Page and Landing Pages

We briefly introduced our new Search Results Page (SRP) last week. It’s definitely a departure from our previous interation, but it still needs a bit of work. We should be releasing the new SRP to 10% of the membership early next week. 

The new landing pages for Photo, Video and Illustrations are now live. Audio will be getting a similar treatment in the very near future. 

iStock | Getty Contributor Community Site

Over the last few months we have been busy creating a new contributor portal for our community of artists. It will be the one stop shop for all contributor tools, news, articles, and discussions focused on your relationship with iStock and Getty Images. 

Exclusive contributors already have access to the majority of the features already available. However, we will be transitioning ALL contributors to the new Contributor Hub before the end of June 2015. Yes, this means we will have a new forum section set up and the inevitable closure of the iStock Public forums. 

We will have more information in the May newsletter on all the new features coming with the introduction of the new Contributor Community Site. 

Visual Trends in Photography Survey – Help our good friend Rebecca Swift out!

Rebecca Swift is our Creative Planning Director with the Creative Research team at Getty Images. She has been working for Getty for decades and is now researching a PhD into visual trends in photography. 

Please assist Rebecca by completing our very quick survey asking “What is Creativity?”. It’s a two questions survey that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Your particpation would be greatly appreciated. 

Please complete the survey here

Problematic Content Update: Graffiti, street art, and other urban art

Graffiti, street art, and other urban art are afforded the same protections as other artwork, and are therefore subject to copyright and/or trademark laws. 

We’ve updated our Problematic Content article to reflect the new realities regarding Graffiti, street art and other urban art here



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iStock | April 2015 Contributor Newsletter

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