Panther Media Keywording Now in English Only

Excerpt from Panther Media newsletter to contributors on 17 July 2018:

From beginning of August onwards we will only be able to accept metadata in English, as the old cross language glossary will be deactivated and retired. Images already uploaded prior to that date do not need to be changed.

I understand that this might be a big change for some, but I hope that many will already be familiar with providing metadata in English, with other agencies for example. Although this may seem inconvenient initially, I am confident, that it will increase customer satisfaction in fairly short order and increase our mutual sales potential.

I hope we can count on you to help us with this critical re-invention of search to get us ready for the age of AI and voice search entry.

Panther Media Keywording Now in English Only

iStockphoto/Getty Images Meeting in Sydney

Last Saturday, I drove to Sydney to participate in a meeting of stock photographers organised by iStock/Getty Images. 

The meeting was held in a Surry Hills bar restaurant called The Beresford. The choice was not good as the place was filled with Saturday evening revellers and thus very loud.

Whilst conversation amongst peers at close distance was possible, hearing a company representative giving a speech was not.

So, unfortunately, I did not find out what the message was – despite inching my way closer to the speaker.

I did find out, however, that the next photographer meeting is taking place in March, in a place more suited for conversation.

I also managed to make introductory contact with two or three photographers who seemed nice enough.

Below are some pictorial proofs of my visit to this stock photography meeting.

iStockphoto/Getty Images Meeting in Sydney